26th Of January 2013

“I’m on the bus that will bring me to Dublin city center where I booked my hostel. This is real, I’m finally in Ireland. I left all the certainty I had for the past 31 years chosing a country I don’t know but that yet feels so familiar. I’m a bit worried about my English, Google Translate will be my friend for a while. I watch the people walking on the street and the first thing I notice is that they are not wearing heavy jackets to be January. I look at myself and I think of all the layers I put on this morning. The bus stops and the driver tells me that my hostel would be at the other side of the bridge. As soon as I’m off the bus it starts to rain. There is no better way to inaugurate my arrival in the country than having to walk in the rain while pushing two heavy luggages. The envelope I have in my hand with the hostel booking confirmation is soaking wet and I can hardly take it out at the desk. The hostel looks cool and there is a fair amount of people around. I just want to go to my room but it’s still too early. I’m absolutely knackered and hungry. There is a supermarket close by, my lunch is a sandwich. I miss pasta already and I know I won’t be able to cook for a while. I miss my family and my friends. This hostel is gonna be my home for the next few days. Let the biggest adventure begin.”

Today marks the 8th anniversary of my arrival in Ireland. It feels like yesterday but so many things happened during all these years. I’ll be honest, the fact that I’m living here for so long doesn’t mean I’m ok with being away from my family and friends. It’s actually hard and I miss them everyday especially now that I have a son and I would like them to see him growing up. I made a choice and I made sacrifices but all of this is well repaid with the pride that all the people I love shows me everyday. I’m still the passionate girl that came here 8 years ago and I still put my heart in everything I do, that gives me the strength to fight for what I care and my beliefs.

If you want to know more read my post titled One Way Ticket.

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