I Want My Freedom Back

I didn't plan to write this post but I consider this blog like a big notebook where I write about my feelings and also what I'm writing about is very important to me. Since the Pandemic started last year I never really wrote about deep personal thoughts but it has began to affect me deeply. It's been affecting my mood for more than a week now. The current lockdown has me challenged already and I feel completely overwhelmed. I'm very angry at the whole situation but I feel also defeated and hopeless. I don't feel motivated and I'm hoping for better days to come. 

I Want My Freedom Back
Closed Inside A Bubble Where The Time Had Stopped
The Future Is Shading
Sacrificing My Life
Relationships Made Me Feel Alive
Fighting For My Wellbeing
Looking Forward To A Date Which Doesn't Exist
I Have No Control
It Feels Heavier

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